Ross's music is featured on the ABC's

Australian Music Map.

The piece Unfinished Business (1987) can be accessed via an icon in the vicinity of Nallan Station.

This website is devoted in large part to the music of ruined pianos.  In this regard, I want to acknowledge the fruitful collaboration between Anthony Cormican and myself which has produced some seventeen CDs (including a DVD) since 2000. I also want to acknowledge Anthony’s brilliance as a producer and musician, and his encouragement of my work, all of which have made the ruined piano project so much more than possible.


A piano is said to be ruined (rather than neglected or devastated) when it has been abandoned to all weathers, say on a sheep station or tennis court, with the result that few or none of its notes sound like that of an even-tempered uptight piano.  A Ruined Piano has its frame and bodywork more or less intact (even though the soundboard is cracked wide open, with the blue sky shining through) so that it can be played in the ordinary way. By contrast a Devastated Piano is usually played in a crouched or lying position.

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